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Video Project Response

The process of creating this movie was a lot more complicated then I had originally thought. I knew putting it together would be extremely difficult, but I did not realize how much effort goes into capturing the exact shot to use in a film. I also did not think the quality of the picture turned out as good as it usually does on my camera. I think matching this video to the one I had imagined in my head was a lot more difficult than matching my audio project to my imagined audio project because I was having to perfect two forms of communication together; and given that I used a voice over, it was not at the same time. Also, I had thought the script I had written was good, until I heard it out loud with the video, and it was a little awkward at first. I feel the original script would have sounded good alone, but I needed to find a tone that would work together with the image to create the feel that I wanted.


I wanted to create a feeling of appreciation for the world around us. I wanted my audience to get the sense that the subject was feeling more and more relaxed the further he got along his journey to campus. I feel that the message was clear and although I am not fully satisfied with the turnout compared to my expectations, I feel it still serves the purpose I had in mind. The message that those of us who are in college are very fortunate, that our problems are no bigger than anyone else’s, and that we should take time to look around us is translated pretty clearly. I just feel that the streaming of the footage, the footage itself, and the sound could have been smoother and perfected. I almost feel as if I could have done a much better job if I had been able to animate it myself; the storyboard I created did seem a little animated. 


With a little fine tuning and a little more time getting to learn how to use the video editing software, I might have played with the color of the film to where it got brighter as the film went on; or had the music fade in and out in ways that sounded cooler to fit the mood. My inexperience in the video-making department has shown through on this video, but that does not mean that I did not enjoy filming it and especially putting it together. I really enjoy the ability that comes with being able to manipulate sounds and images together to create meaning and an effective way. I will hopefully begin to become more experienced in this particular medium, and other mediums as well. I see how knowing how to create a video could help me get a message across, and who knows what is waiting out there for me to create. This project has allowed me to open my creativeness up to different outlets and build my experience in video production. I found that I thoroughly enjoy it, and that fact makes me want to build my experience with other medias as well.


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